Friday, August 26, 2011

Administrative Reorganization in July

Isabel Hernandez was appointed as the College Director of Learning Resources and will supervise Learning Resources at the InterAmerican Campus.

The MDC Learning Resource areas were reorganized with the appointment of a Campus Director to supervise both the campus library and computer courtyard.

Here are the appointments for the new Campus Directors for Learning Resources:
• Estrella Iglesias, North Campus
• Erick Dominicis, Kendall Campus
• Rolando Garcia, Wolfson Campus
• Elisa Abella, Medical Campus
• Linda Saumell, Homestead Campus
• Glenda Phipps, Hialeah Campus

Here are the appointments so far for the position of Associate Director of Learning Resources:
• Theodore Karantsalis, Meek Center
• Isreal Sanchez, MDC-West
• Ivan Toledo, Medical Campus

Our Campus Director for Learning Resources, Estrella Iglesias, also has supervision over the Meek Center and MDC-West. She has been actively working to increase student instruction and library usage as well as focusing our efforts here at the North Campus Library on weeding the collection.

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