Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Library Displays

The North Campus Library invites you to view our November 2007 Displays.

History and art display describing the ancient city of Pompeii,
destroyed by the eruption of Mt.Vesuvius.

Military uniforms and artifacts from the Civil War, World War II, and the Korean War, courtesy of Professor Walter Kozloski.

Library Hours:
Monday -Thursday 7:45 – 10:00 p.m.
Friday 7:45 AM – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For more information, please call the library at 305-237-1142

Saturday, November 10, 2007

In Memoriam: Norman Mailer

Celebrate the life and works of the acclaimed, award-winning American author Norman Mailer (1923-2007). The following books and much more are available at the North Campus Library:

  • The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer. PS3525 A4152 N3

  • The Deer Park by Norman Mailer. PZ3.M2815 De

  • Advertisements For Myself by Norman Mailer. PS3525.A4152 Z52

  • Barbary Shore by Norman Mailer. PS3525.A4152 B3 1963

  • The Castle in the Forest: A Novel by Norman Mailer. PS3525.A4152 C37 2007

  • The Gospel According to the Son by Norman Mailer. PS3525.A4152 G6 1997

  • Pieces and Pontifications by Norman Mailer. PS3525.A4152 P5 1982

  • The Lives of Norman Mailer: A Biography by Carl Rollyson. PS3525 .A4152 Z874 1991

  • Mailer's America by Joseph Wenke. PS3525.A4152 Z954 1987

  • Critical Essays on Norman Mailer by J. Michael Lennon, ed. PS3525.A4152 Z63 1986

  • Norman Mailer by Harold Bloom, ed. PS3525.A4152 Z818 1986

  • Mailer, His Life and Times by Peter Manso, ed. PS3525.A4152 Z76 1985

Just "Hochefo"

November is National American Indian Heritage Month. The graphic above illustrates the word "read" in various Native American/Indian languages.

Wiintanto about Native American nations by clicking here.

Also available at the North Campus Library:

  • The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature by Joy Porter and Kenneth M. Roemer, eds. PS153.I52 C36 2005
  • Night Is Gone, Day Is Still Coming: Stories and Poems by American Indian Teenangers and Young Adults by Annette PiƱa Ochoa, Betsy Franco, and Traci L. Gourdine, eds. [MCN] NIGHT
  • The Nature of Native American Poetry by Norma C. Wilson. PS153.I52 W55 2001
  • Native American Women's Writing c. 1800-1924: An Anthology by Karen L. Kilcup, ed. PS508.I5 N374 2000
  • Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays: A Tribal Voice by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn. PS153.I52 C576 1996
  • Signals in the Air: Native Broadcasting in America by Michael C. Keith. PN1991.8.I53 K45 1995
  • Healing Plants: Medicine of the Florida Seminole Indians by Alice Micco Snow and Susan Enns Stans. E99.S28 S66 2001
  • The Seminoles of Florida by James W. Covington. E99.S28 C73 1993

Salute to Veterans

Veterans Day is Sunday, November 11. Commemorate the contributions of American war veterans by checking out this featured book, We Were There: Voices of African American Veterans, from World War II to the War in Iraq, by Yvonne Latty.

From the book jacket:

"Now, in a book that honors their service to their country, more than two dozen veterans and military personnel, including Brigadier General Vincent Brooks, one of the foremost spokespersons to the media on the War in Iraq, speak for themselves and their peers about their experiences - in combat, in the barracks, and in their hometowns after they returned from war. Each profile is accompanied by photographs of the men and women from their days in uniform, as well as specially commissioned contemporary portraits from acclaimed photographer Ron Tarver. With stories of patriotism combined with a determination to outcome obstacles, We Were There is an inspiring account of the extraordinary sacrifices of everyday Americans."

We Were There can be found at E185.63 .W4 2004.

Spotlight Database: American History

Read up-to-date articles and news, along with much more, by accessing the American History database, offered through ABC-CLIO. This colorful, interactive database will bring history to life to its users.

The database features timely, topical information in columns such as "Living History" and "Spotlight On...". Current articles include Coming Home: Veterans in American Society, and Removal Era: Indians Make Way for Expansion, delineating "one of the most controversial and troubling periods of American history."

A search interface allows users to explore documents, court cases, essays, maps, statistics, timelines, videos, and much more. The "Topics Exploration" section helps users narrow down their search by focusing on different time periods from 1350 to the present. In "Ask the Cybrarian," a team of editors help users locate information in the database via email responses. E-books and an electronic dictionary are also available.

Students, the next time you have to research a topic for your social sciences or American history class, remember that the American History database is at your fingertips!

The North Campus Library offers this and over 100 more electronic databases for student use. These can be accessed from any Internet computer, even off-campus. All you need is your student ID number; the PIN is the last four digits of that number. When in the library, ask the reference librarian how to use the databases, or call the reference desk at 305-237-1183 for assistance.

November's Featured Reference Work

November is National American Indian Heritage Month. Explore the history and contributions of Native Americans with this month's featured reference work, American Indian History, edited by Carole A. Barrett.

From the summary:

This collection surveys Native American history from ancient times to the twentieth century. Entries cover specific topics and incidents from a Native American perspective, in categories of Pre-Columbian history, Colonial history, Eighteenth century history, Nineteenth century history, Twentieth century history, Court cases and legal decisions, Wars and battles, Reservations and relocation, Organizations, Religion and missionary activities, National government and legislation, Native government, Treaties, and Protest movements.

American Indian History can be found at REF E77 .A496 2003.