Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September's Featured Reference Work

Honor the heroes and those fallen by picking up this month's featured reference work, Life's One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001.

From the Booklist Review:

New York mayor Guiliani introduces the book the editors of Life magazine have assembled as a tribute to the fallen and the survivors. Their book offers an array of very moving photographs, particularly a sequence taken by an evacuee on his long way down and out of one of the towers. The text relates the personal and poignant stories of survivors, family members of those who were lost, and rescue workers.

- Brad Hooper
This book can be found at REF HV6432 .O54 2001.

Spotlight Database: International Security & Counter-Terrorism Center

Check out the International Security & Counter-Terrorism Center online database for the latest developments in the field. From the description:

This database offers information on virtually every dimension of security & counter-terrorism and is designed to inform the analysis process, as well as enhance the general understanding of security and terrorism-related issues. ISCTRC provides a comprehensive Open Source Intelligence Resource for analysts, risk management professionals, and students. Content includes hundreds of full text journals and periodicals, hundreds of thousands of selected articles, news feeds, reports, summaries, books, blogs, FAQs, and proprietary Background Information Summaries that pertain to terrorism and security. ISCTRC also combines deep background from scholarly writings with expert commentary from a variety of organizations, agencies and publisher and timely reviews of recent developments across the international political, military, economic, social and technical spectrum.

The North Campus Library offers this and over 100 more electronic databases for student use. These can be accessed from any Internet computer, even off-campus. They provide users with articles, biographies, literature criticism, and much more on many academic subjects. All you need is your student ID number; the PIN is the last four digits of that number. When in the library, ask the reference librarian how to use the databases, or call the reference desk at 305-237-1183 for assistance.