Thursday, July 5, 2007

July's Featured Reference Work

Maintain the spirit of independence all month long by having a look at this month's featured reference work, The Bill of Rights, edited by Thomas T. Lewis. From the summary:

This two-volume set provides an encyclopedic guide to the Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. Constitution, i.e. those amendments that are important because of having been framed to protect rights and liberties from government abuses. Intended for high school and college students and other nonspecialist readers, the essays comprise a survey of the history and significance of the Bill of Rights within the broader contexts of the principles of constitutional law and U.S. legal history; individual articles on each of the first ten amendments, arranged in numerical order; 81 discussions (ranging from one to about 5 pages) of specific related issues such as censorship, civil rights and liberties, due process, the freedom of religion, the right to counsel, Miranda rights, and others; and 281 brief articles on the individual court cases through which the rights have been defined and extended.

The books can be found at REF KF4750 .B55 2002.

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